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Dr. Huertas preformed a body sculpting procedure (lipo) on me, at his Dallas location last week, he and his staff went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. Amazing doctor, wonderful staff an all around fabulous experience!


Dr, H is a great doctor and always polite and concerned about his patients. He takes his time and answers all your questions. He does not overbook and his staff is very courteous.

Tammy K.

Excellent Doctor!


Dr Huertas is wonderful!!! Not only did he performed an excellent procedure but he gave my body shape! I had liposuction in the past and it did not turn out to be what I expected… Dr Huertas asked me what I wanted to achieved and gave me that result.

Greisi R.

Awesome experience… Dr and staff really nice…

Melissa H.

Thanks to Dr Huertas, the first time in my life I was called “hot”!!!

Kim H.

Dr. Huertas, is very knowledgeable and thorough. He has a wonderful and kind office staff, and is very prompt with test results, returning phone calls and answering any concerns I may have.  Although we have OB/GYNS locally, I drive to Dallas from the Amarillo area to use Dr. Huertas.   I am a nurse and he is by far one of the best doctors I have had the pleasure of knowing.  I have used Dr. Huertas for over ten years; I trust him completely with mine and my daughter’s care.

Debbie H.

I was extremely nervous going into the lipo procedure, but dr. huertas and his staff were EXTREMELY friendly. they were more than welcome to explain step by step so that i would feel comfortable and they continued to ask during the procedure how i was feeling. I have struggled with my weight for years and was so uncomfortable that i was not active. This surgery was the kick start i needed to feeling great. I was not expecting to be a skinny stick in any way but for once in my life I am feeling beautiful and sexy! I would say the surgery turned out way better than i ever would have thought. They didnt just do the surgery and then forget about me either. Dr. Huertas wanted me to come in several times after the surgery to make sure i was on track and doing well. The accountability gave me the strength to keep up with my transformation. I would reccomend him to EVERYONE!

Katelyn D.

Great doctor, very polite and takes time to explain each procedure as well as answering all questions. The staff is very nice and helpful. 🙂

Judith P.

Everybody in this office is courteous and make you feel comfortable. They answer all of the question you might have about any procedure! The only “BAD” thing that happened was that even if i had an appointment and got there on time, they had me waiting for 40 minutes!!!


Dr. Huertas and Jeanette both really put me at ease and answered all my questions

Todd C.


Alicia C.

Gorgeous facility and a comforting environment. The ladies up front, who checked me in were very sweet. The doc’s nurse went home sick so his office manager had to cover….you could tell this was not her background, but I was impressed at her efforts to help get the job done! I think he is a great doctor, only I was a little disappointed that he didn’t take my recent unexplained weight gain as serious as I do. 30+ lb gain in just a few months. That is not normal and has nothing to do with stress. I was hoping he would be the one willing to help me figure this out. There is still hope he is!


Exelente servicio agradable lugar me senti comoda gracias Doctor Otoniel Huertas


Dr Huertas and his staff was very informative and pleasant. I’ll be back!!!

Shenita H.

He was on point. Very nice!!

Anita S.

First time patient. Dr. Huertas is a true professional! Excellent service!


Muy Profesional. Te da confianza a que hagas preguntas. Y sus personal muy amiga bles y eficientes. Gracias a todos por la buena expetiencia que tuve en mi primer visita.


Muy amables! Excelente trabajo ::)

Karla S.

Love the vibe of the office.answer all my qUestions

Alicia P.